Cathedral Rock

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View to the North from Airport Loop Trail / Overlook Point Parking Lot

View to the east from Overlook Point
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Trail To Top of Baby (Northern) Bell Rock

Baby Bell Trail Map -- Aerial ViewThe trip from Courthouse Vista Parking Lot to the top of Baby Bell Rock can be divided into three parts.

1) Bell Rock Pathway To Baby Bell Trail
2) Baby Bell Trail and Ascent to Top of Baby Bell Rock.
3) Return Trip Via Phone Trail. 

Aerial View of Trail to Baby Bell Rock. is shown to the right.
Click on Aerial Map To Enlarge

Bell Rock Pathway to Baby Bell Trail

Short Trail From Parking Lot to Bell Rock Pathway.

Short Trail from Courthouse Butte Parking Lot To Bell Rock Pathway

First Trail Junction.  Walk towards Bell Rock.

Sort Trail To Bell Rock Pathway

View of Bell Rock

Short Trail to Bell Rock Pathway - 2

Looking back towards the parking lot on the short trail to Bell Rock Pathway. 

Short Trail To Bell Rock - 3

The trail now merges with Bell Rock Pathway.   You will take the trail to the left.  The picture on the right is looking back towrd the parking lot.  The trial on the right (because you are looking back) is Bell Rock Pathway -- Blue Arrow.  

Bell Rock Pathway

View to the north -- Bell Rock Pathway

  Veiw to the North

View to the Northeast.

View to the North East

View to the North.

Veiw to the North

View towards Chicken Point (between the two peaks).

View to the Northeast 

View of Courthouse Butte.

View of Courthouse Butte

View to the North.  The trail will soon turn North.

Trail Turns North

View of Baby Bell to the North.

View of Baby Bell to the North

The trail leads north to a wide open area (picture to the right).  Their are multiple trail junctions.   Bell Rock Pathway will lead to the left around the west side of Baby Bell Rock. 

Trail Leads North - Open Area

Trail Sign at Junction

Trail Sign

Trial Sign At Junction

Trail Map. 

Trail Map

Bell Rock Pathway leading on the West side of Baby Bell Rock (blue arrow).   The trail leads North.

Bell Rock Pathway leading on west side of Bell Rock

View of Cathedral Rock (Baby Bell is to the right -- not seen)

View of Cathedral Rock

Bell Rock Pathway.  Bay Bell Rock to the right, Cathedral Rock to the Left.

 Bell Rock Pathway

View of Baby Bell rom the trail.

View of Baby Bell 

Bell Rock Pathway with view of Cathedral Rock.  

Bell Rock Pathway

Looking back (South) at Bell Rock.

Bell Rock

Bell Rock Pathway continues North.   Cathedral Rock on the Left.

Bell Rock Pathway -3

Looking back (South).  Phone Trail to the right Bell Rock Pathway to the left.  Courthouse Butte is on the Left and Bell Rock on the right.


Looking and heading North on Bell Rock Pathway.

Bell Rock Pathway heading North

Heading North on Bell Rock Pathway.

Bell Rock Pathway - 5

View of Trail Juinction  of Baby Bell Trail (to the right).

View of Junction with Baby Bell Trail

Baby Bell Trailhead

Baby Bell Trailhead



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