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Bell Rock Trail
Bell Rock Pathway

Route to the Top of Bell Rock Spire
Flowers and Wildlife

View of the sourthern face of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Lizard in Sedona Arizona

Bell Rock, Sedona Arizona


The Hike around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte is an enjoyable easy to moderate 4.5 mile hike with some rock stair stepping.     

There are two parking lots which you can use to hike this trail.  One is South of Bell Rock, next to Oak Creek Village, the other is just north of Bell Rock (towards Sedona).  (Bell Rock is shown on the right)    Be sure to use the Kiosk to obtain a day use park permit. 

Day Use Permit Kiosk

View Flowers and Wildlife on Trail   

For more information go to the U.S. Forest Service Website.

Trail Map Courthouse Butte Loop

Note:  All trail maps are designed to give the hiker an idea what he/she will encounter.  They are not designed for navigation or to be used as a source of directions for a hike. 

From the Southern Bell Rock Parking Lot:  You can also access Courthouse Butte Loop from the South, using the park lot which is just north of Oak Creek Village.  You will take the Bell Rock Pathway (Path) north towards Bell Rock.

Bell Rock Sothern Parking Lot
Courthouse Butte, Sedana Arizona

Aerial view of the southern Bell Rock Pathway (red)  The Courthouse Butte Loop is in dark blue. 

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Aerial View of Southern Bell Rock Pathway

View of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte from the Southern Parking Lot. 

Bell Rock & Courthouse Butte

Beginning of Bell Rock Path

Start of Trail from Southern Parking Lot


Bell Rock Parkway - Southern Part 

The Trailhead for Big Park Loop Trail forks off to the right.   

Trailhead for Big Park Loop 

Heading towards Bell Rock

Heading towards Bell Rock 



Near the Base of Bell Rock, the trailhead for Courthouse Butte Loop is encountered.   The picture to the right is looking back toward the Southern Parking Lot. 

Trail Head Sign -- Courthouse Butte Loop 
Trailhead Sign for Courthouse Butte Loop.

Trailhead for Courthouse-Butte Loop 

Continue Hiking on Court House Butte Loop 

From the Northern Parking Lot:

  • North Parking Lott -- Bill Rock Trail, Phone TrailThere are two trails which leave the northern parking lot which will lead you to the Bell Rock Path and Courthouse Butte Loop.   These trails are (Click on Picture to the Right to Enlarge):

    • Bell Rock Trail.

    • Phone Trail (the old Bell Rock Trail).

  • Map of Trails from Northern Parking Lot to Bell RockTake Bell Rock Trail south until it meets Bell Rock Pathway (Path).  Travel along the western side of Bell Rock (to your right) until it meets Courthouse Butte Loop on the southern side (away form Sedona) of Bell Rock.  This is between 3/4 to 1 mile.
    The trails are shown in the picture to the right.  The northern parking lot is at the top of the picture, Bell Rock is at the bottom.  Bell Rock Trail is in Blue, Bell Rock Pathway (Path)/Vista is in Red and Phone Trail is in Green. 

  • There are cairns to mark the trail.  However, this area is heavily traveled and many side trails exist.  Keep your eyes on Court House Butte and Bell Rock to be sure you are on track.  (Courthouse Butte is shown on the topographical map at the bottom of the page)
    (Click on Aerial Map to Enlarge)

    Follow Bell Rock Trail and Bell Rock Parkway From the Northern Parking Lot to The Southern Trailhead of Courthouse Butte Loop Trail on the South Side of Bell Rock.

Continue Hiking Courthouse Loop:     

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