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Rock Formations Boynton Canyon/Vista Approach

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Boynton Canyon Vista can be reached by a short 0.6 mile hike from the Boynton Canyon parking lot.  The trail is easy to moderate with many rock steps up to the saddle of the vista.   The saddle is between two rock spires and is held by some to be a vortex.    From the parking lot, one takes the Boynton Canyon Trail for 0.4 miles.  A side trail to the right leads 0.2 miles to the vista.  The trail outline disappears every 5 seconds.  Click on Picture to Enlarge 

Boynton Vista Trail - Aerial View

View of Boynton Vista from trail as it leaves the parking lot. 

View of Vista

Seen here is Boynton Canyon Spire, the northern spire of the vista, as seen from the Boynton Canyon Trail. 

Northern Spire of Boynton Vista

Trailhead of Boynton Vista Trail leaves the Boynton Canyon Trail approximately 0.6 miles from the parking lot.  The Boynton Vista Trail is well marked with cairns.       

Trailhead Boynton Vista Trail


View of the southern spire of the vista from the bottom of the trail. 

View of the southern and northern spires from the bottom of the trail.

Hiking up to the saddle of the vista.  On the left side of the picture is the southern spire of the vista.

Hiking up to the Saddle of the Vista

The trail is marked by cairns.  The top of the southern spire can be seen. 

View of southern spire.

Southern spire of Boynton Vista

On top of the saddle looking south.

On top of the Saddle looking east.

View to northeast of Deadman's Pass.

View to northeast of Deadman's Pass

Deadman's Pass

Deadman's Pass

View to the southeast towards Sedona.  Note Chimney Rock and Courthouse Butte on the Horizon. 

View from top of Boynton Vista - Chimney rock and Courthouse Butte on the Horizon

View of the top of the western wall at the beginning of Boynton Canyon.

Western Wall Boynton Canyon

Entrance of Boynton Canyon.

Boynton Canyon

Hiking down Boynton Vista Trail.

Hiking down Boynton Vista Trail

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