Cathedral Rock


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Midgley Bridge - Northern Trailhead

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Munds Wagon Trail Map
Munds Wagon Trail Map
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Huckaby trailhead is off of Schnebly Hill Road, just before the pavement ends.

  • Huckaby Trail -- 2.6 mile moderate trail leading from the Schnebly Hill trailhead to Midgley Bridge.   However, one must be prepared to forge Oak Creek since there is no dry crossing.        

  • Margs Draw Trail - 2 miles easy trail.              


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Huckaby Trail Map - Sedona Az 

Huckaby Trail Map

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Huckaby parking lot and trailhead.


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View to the north from the beginning of Huckaby Trail at the Schnebly Hill trailhead.  Note the two agaves in the foreground and Steamboat Rock and Wilson Mountain on the distant horizon. 

View to north from Huckaby Trail of Wilson Mountain and Steamboat Rock

View to the east from the beginning of Huckaby Trail at the Schnebly Hill trailhead. 

View to the southwest toward Cathedral Rock.


Beginning of Huckaby Trail 





A creekbed is crossed

View to the southwest. 

View of Midgley Bridge and Oak Creek Canyon 

View to the north. Steamboat Rock can be seen in the distance, in front of Wilson Mountain.


View of Sedona, Arizona.

View to the west.  Note the Mitten Rock formation on the horizon.

Oak Creek Canyon



View of Midgley Bridge from Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek too high to pass


Hiking back up the trail

View to the north.






View to the south.

View to the east.

Approaching trail end -- View to the north.

Approaching trail end

Approaching trail end -- Huckaby parking lot is just past the end of the trail.  

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