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Soldier Pass Arches
Brins Mesa Trail
Soldier Pass North Trailhead - Heading Down
Jordan & Cibola Pass Trail Heading East
Jordan Trail Heading East

Coffee Pot rock

This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Soldier Pass Trail

Brins Mesa - Soldier Pass - Ciboal Pass Trail

Topographic Map of Soldier Pass Trail

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The trailhead is approached by taking Soldier Pass Road off of Highway 89A west of Downtown Sedona.  Soldier Pass road approaches Coffee Pot Rock and a right is taken on Rim Shadows Rd.  Follow the signs off of Soldier Pass Rd.

The hike up Soldier Pass leads north and is approximately two miles.  The trail is moderate but easy when going downhill with a total elevation descent of 450 feet.  Many sights can be seen including two natural arches, the Seven Sacred Pools and the largest sinkhole in Sedona, the Devil's Kitchen.  



For more information go to the U.S. Forest Service Website.

The picture below shows a distant view of Soldier Pass.  Mouse over the picture to display arrow

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.  The trail outlines on the aerial photograph will disappear every 5 seconds. Soldier Pass Trail is in blue, Jordan Trail is in purple.  

View Up Soldier Pass

Soldier Pass Southern Trailhead and Devil's Kitchen 

Soldier Pass Trail Sign and Map   

Soldier Pass Trail parking lot.  This lot closes at 6:00 pm and the gate is locked. 

Soldier Pass Trail Parking Lot 

Soldier Pass Trailhead on the northeast side of the parking lot. 


A view of the sphinx from the beginning of the trail.


The top of the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole can be seen from a distance.


One hikes down to a dry creekbed.


One hikes out of the dry creekbed.

The trail heads towards the Sphinx Rock Formation.


View to the north.


The trail leads to the base of the Sphinx Rock Formation.

The trail divides, with Jordan Trail leading to the right and Soldier Pass Trail to the left.  The Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole, is coming into view. 

The Soldier Pass Trail can be picked up at the north side of the sinkhole.  A jeep trail is to the west of the Soldier Pass foot trail.

View of the Jordan Trail, heading east.

View to the north of Soldier Pass.  The jeep trail is in the foreground.  Devils Kitchen Sinkhole is in the upper right portion of the picture.

View of Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole and the Sphinx Rock Formation.

Devil's Kitchen - Sedona, Az

View of the Sphinx Rock Formation.

A jeep traveling on Soldier Pass's jeep trail. 

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