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This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Fay Canyon Topographic Map

Fay Canyon Map Close Up
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Fay Canyon Trail 

To reach the trailhead of Fay Canyon Trail, take Dry Creek Road off of 89A in Sedona. Dry Creek Road ends at a " T " intersection. Turn left onto Boynton Canyon Road (right leads to Long Canyon) and travel another 1.5 miles until another "T" interchange. Turn left on Boynton Pass Road (right leads to the Enchantment Resort and Boynton Canyon) and travel another 0.5 miles to the parking lot on the left. 

Fay Canyon Trail is an easy trail, 2.2 miles round trip with a 150 foot elevation.

At the end; the canyon divides. A short climb to an overlook gives majestic views of Bell Rock in the distance.

For more information go the the US Forest Service Website

Note:  All trail maps are designed to give the hiker an idea what he/she will encounter.  They are not designed for navigation or to be used as a source of directions for a hike.    

Fay Canyon Trail and Topographical Map

Fay Canyon Trail parking lot as seen from on top of Doe Mountain

Fay Canyon Parking Lot

Fay Canyon

Fay Canyon

Fay Canyon Trailhead.

Raven in Fay Canyon

Raven - Fay Canyon

Beginning of Fay Canyon Trail

Beginning of Fay Canyon Trail

Red Cliffs form the west wall of the canyon. 

Fay Canyon Looking West - Red Cliffs

East wall of the canyon.

Fay Canyon

The trail enters a low deciduous forest.

Fay Canyon Deciduous Forest

A relatively flat trail leads deep into the canyon.

Fay Canyon Trail

The trail to the Fay Canyon Arch traverses a creekbed as it leaves the Fay Canyon Trail.

Trailhead Fay Canyon Arch

Red cliffs of Fay Canyon.

Fay Canyon

Fay Canyon rock formation.

Fay canyon Rock Formation


The rock formation at the trail end can be seen over the tree- tops. 

Approaching Trail End - Fay Canyon Trail

The main Fay Canyon Trail ends at a rockslide as the canyon divides.  A short climb up this dividing rock formation affords majestic views of Fay Canyon.

Trail End - Fay Canyon Trail

Looking up West Fork of Fay Canyon.

West Fork Fay Canyon

Looking up north fork of the canyon.  There is a primitive trail which leads further into this canyon.

North Fork Fay Canyon

View down Fay Canyon to the southeast.  Courthouse Butte can be seen in the distance.  The close up pictures below bring Bell Rock into view. 

Fay Canyon - Southeast

Fay Canyon Southeast View

Fay Canyon View East

Looking northeast from Fay Canyon vista.

Northeast View Fay Canyon Vista

Looking down from Fay Canyon vista.

Looking down from Fay Canyon Vista

Hiking down Fay Canyon vista.

Hiking Down Fay Canyon Vista

Red cliffs of Fay Canyon.

Fay Canyon - Red Cliffs

Fay Canyon - Red Cliffs

Fay Canyon - Red Cliffs

Fay Canyon - Red Cliffs

Fay Canyon - Red Cliffs

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