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This website is not designed to provide directions or navigation of the trails but solely intended to give you an idea what you may see and experience on the hikes.  

Map of Boynton Canyon Trail


Boynton Canyon Trail Aerial MapBoynton Canyon Trail is a 2.5 mile moderate hike with a 400 foot gain in elevation.  It ends in a moderate climb to an overlook in a large box canyon.   The first third of the trail skirts the Enchantment Resort.  This is a private resort and access is prohibited. 

The trail starts from the Boynton Canyon parking lot just outside the Enchantment Resort.  Three trails can be reached from this lot. (Trail outlines disappear every 5 seconds.  Click on Picture to Enlarge

  • Boynton Canyon Trail (blue)

  • Vista Trail (Purple) climbs to Boynton Canyon Spire - A Vortex Area.

  • Deadman's Pass Trail links to Long Canyon Trail and has excellent views of Mescal Mountain.

To reach the parking lot, take Dry Creek Road off of 89A in Sedona.  Dry Creek Road ends at a " T " intersection.  Follow the signs to Boynton Canyon. 

Boynton Canyon Trail Map

For more information go the the US Forest Service Website:


Boynton Canyon Topo MapTo the right is a topographic map of Boynton Canyon Trail and Boynton Canyon Vista  

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Approaching Boynton Canyon.

Approaching Boynton Canyon

Rock Formations Boynton Canyon Approach

View of Deadman's Pass to the right of the red rocks.

Deadman's Pass

Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon Trail Parking Lot
is just outside Enchantment Resort.  The prominent rock formation on the left is the southern part of Mescal Mountain.

Boynton Trail Parking Lot

West wall of the canyon, near entrance.

Outer West Wall of Canyon

Enchantment Resort looking southwest.

Enchantment Resort - Sedona Arizona

Enchantment Resort - continued construction which is encroaching on the environment.

Enchantment Resort - Construction

Hikers pass by the Enchantment Resort in the outer third of Boynton.  A sign warns hikers not to trespass and that the development has armed guards.  A camera takes the hiker's picture.

 Hiker's Warning - Enchantment Resort.

Camera - Boynton Trail Enchantment Resort

West wall of canyon. 

Boynton Canyon

West wall of canyon.

Western Wall Boynton Canyon

Western Wall Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyyon Northwest View

View north of Boynton Canyon.

View of Boynton Canyon

Just past the resort the trail is flat and sandy. 

Boynton Canyon Trail

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