Cathedral Rock

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Bell Rock, Sedona, Az
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Trailhead Bell Rock Pathway 
Looking West - Jordan Trailhead
Looking West - Jordan Trailhead 
Sedona Looking North at the Sphinx Rock Formation and Brins Mesa

There are many other fine trails to take.  However, some of the best have trailheads which can only be reached (as of January 2012) by dirt roads which require vehicles with a high clearance and preferably four- wheel drive.  These trails include:    

  • Looking West - Huckaby Parking LotFR 152 leading to Vultee Arch Trail and Secret Canyon Trail.

  • Schnebly Hill Road leading to Munds Mountain Trail, Munds Wagon Trail and Schnebly Hill Vista.
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Desert Quail Inn
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Cactus Flower Slide Show


Purple Cactus Flower

View to the southeast from the base of Cathedral Rock.

Snoopy Rock 
Snoopy Rock